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..."I am very satisfied with the team of carers who attend my wife 2 or 3 times every day of the week. They are all kind, caring and thoughtful. Who the office staff have always been polite and helpful where its been necessarily to contact them."

Mr C

..."I have always found that the standard of all your carers is good and once they have been asked by me to something they are so very respective and willing to do what I ask of them. They are all very polite and smart and will always participate in conversations of the particular news of the day."

Name withheld by request

..."On the whole, I have been quite satisfied most of the time. The staff almost always come on time when arriving, except for traffic hold-ups, or bad weather. 

The actual care I have had has been quite good with the help they have given to me. I think that out of 100%, I would judge it all with a total of 80%.

Kind Regards"

Mrs P.
Service user since 2009

..."All the staff at Embec Care for your help and kindness you have given to us during the past 2/3 years. All your 'girls' have been very efficient, pleasant and tidy always and are always willing to do any extra little things that we can't manage. 

It is always lovely to see them when they arrive dead on time, unless slightly delayed, arrival often early. We are blessed by the fact that we met you, and that you continue to be successful. 

Thanks to you for everything.
Lots of love to all."

Mr & Mrs C 

..."Embec Care began to help care for my wife about a year ago. My initial worry/concern was soon relieved. I have found that all of the staff deliver their care with friendly respect and consideration. I have no hesitation and reservations about recommending Embec Care to potential service users."

Mr W

..."Having to search for a carer was not easy for me, because in my mind I was entrusting people to look after my mother. I can honestly say how glad I am, to have been recommended to your company, because since we started, your service has been brilliant. You're there when you say you are, you're professional, the carers are superb, and you accommodate my alterations to schedules, quickly, and most importantly of all, my mom is happy!!! Thanks once again for your support."


..."I have no idea where we would have been without Embec Care. They provided the very best of care for our mum which meant that her quality of life was vastly improved and we as a family have peace of mind knowing that she was exceptionally well cared for and was happy. The carers didn't just care for mum, they befriended her and treated her with the utmost dignity and respect. She often asked after them when they were not around. They were also hugely supportive of us as a family, especially my elder sister who was at first very resistant to accepting outside help. They took us all under their wing and helped us make a very difficult situation a whole lot better. We will forever be grateful that they came into our world. We as a family would happily recommend them to anyone. We will certainly never forget them."

Liz G

..."We have been using Embec Care for 2 years now to support us in the care of my elderly parents. Like most old people, they are determined to 'stay in their own home'. However, with failing health and issues associated with being elderly, they have accepted that they need a helping hand. The help we receive from he team means that they are able to remain in their own home.

Cleaning and shopping with my parents keeps them independent. It also means that twice a week I know they have company. The team are reliable and very pleasant people.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending their services to other people. Be very clear about the sort of help that is required and the team will match you to the right carer.

I hope you're able to use some of this text. We are confident and comforted by the EMBEC TEAM looking after Mum and Dad."

LM on behalf of S & G L


.."The family would like to express our appreciation for the high standards of care Donald has received from you and your staff for the last 2 and a half years. During this time we have had the security of knowing that his care was to professional standards and that if any issues occurred you would always contact us. We appreciate the food log you instigated, as it allowed us to identify a serious medical issues

Please convey our appreciation to your staff and give them our thanks."


..."I am happy to submit a testimony to the care and support you offer with regards to Patrick.

Patrick has been coming to Embec on a regular basis the past few months and I have been completely satisfied with all you have done for him. As a full time carer it gives me a chance to have some time to myself, which would be impossible without your help. You have afforded him kindness and compassion and treated him as an individual during a time which is very difficult and upsetting for the both us.

I was particularly impressed with the celebration you laid on for his birthday and although he will not be able to remember it, at the time he must have enjoyed and it is an example of the way you treat all of these people as individuals despite their illnesses.

I will continue to use Embec and would certainly recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in the same position as myself. It is a lifeline for people who have the exhausting job of looking after a loved one who is ill and constantly worry about the care they are afforded when not at home"


My husband and I were faced with an extremely difficult problem regarding his 100-year old mother. The doctor strongly advocating that she should go into care but she was adamant that she was going to remain in her own home and would not accept help of any kind 'no stranger is coming into my home !' We live some distance away so the problem was acute. By chance we were told about EMBEC. With their advice we managed to get carers in and such was their sensitivity, wisdom and experience that in a very short time she accepted and indeed looked forward to the 'ladies' coming each day. Since then, we ourselves have had such support and help from EMBEC that our admiration and gratitude for all the Carers is beyond words and we cannot thank them enough for all their dedicated care and concern for a very vulnerable centenarian.

Kath and Don Howell


..."We are most pleased to give a testimony to Embec Care, who in our adversity we have found them most caring and effIcient. They have been very considerate and helpful during their difficult period.

We can not speak too highly of their care

For the record we are 92 and 89 years of age"

Mr & Mrs B.


..."My wife is in her 80s and suffers from repeated bouts of clinical depression. I sought the help of Embec a couple of years ago and was impressed by the initial contact and I arranged for their staff members to make regular visits. Initially they cooked and served meals for us and made visits every other day. Fortunately my wives illness improved with treatment and I was able to get by without Embec help.

Since that time she has expressed another long-lasting episode of depression which has not responded to treatment. She spends most of her time confined to her chair or her bed. Hospital and doctors visits are frequent and we also have regular visits from the NHS mobile team. But at present, there are few signs of improvement. She requires care 24/7

In order to secure some respite for myself, I try to get away for a few days a couple times each year. During this period I engage Embec staff to visit again and maintain her welfare and monitor her medication. I find such help essential and am always impressed by the professional standards which Embec staff uphold and I have no hesitation in recommending their services"

Name withheld by request


..."Over the last few years both my wife and I have needed help from care assistants and we have both felt that all carers from Embec Care have been most friendly, punctual and most importantly very professional in their caring and understanding of their service users. I would not hesitate to recommend Embec Care to any of my friends who were in need of assistance at home or indeed if they needed help in visiting their doctor or hospital etc."

Mr P


..."I have been using Embec's services for a relatively short time, but to date I can only praise the standard of care.

I have needed to modify the requirements slightly. This task has been understood, documented and done swiftly without fuss. Also suggestions, by way of discrete observations, concerning my circumstances have been made to enhance my well being. All this in such a short time is testimony to the level of compassion and competence of Embec Care Ltd."

Mrs Z. W.


..."Embec Care have been caring for my mother for over 2 years.  They have been kind, efficient and professional in difficult circumstances.
I would happily recommend them to anyone with a loved one who needs respect and care."

Mr S. K.

........''Sutton Coldfield Stroke Club has been providing support, encouragement, and information for stroke survivors and their families for more than 35 years in Sutton Coldfield. In recent years it has become more and more difficult to find fit and active volunteers to help look after our members' personal needs when at the club, and to help them to try to gain confidence and independence.
In the past we have used a number of care agencies to assist, but having heard of Embec Care's good reputation asked for their carer to come to work alongside our volunteers. We have been very pleased with the service Embec Care has provided. Their carers are very reliable and well trained, and have a caring and compassionate attitude towards our members. They work hard, go the 'second mile', take initiative and enable our stroke survivors to take part in the activities we organize, as well as attending to their personal needs with dignity and respect where necessary.
Embec Care is a professional organization which is adaptable and sensitive to our requirements. I would have no hesitation in recommending them''

Liz Topliss
[Club Organiser]