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Taken from our Investors In People Report

Strengths & Good Practice:

Business Strategy:

Embec Care has in place a Business Plan and Statement or Purpose 2013 to 2016. Consideration is given to the various services and support to offer to whom and where. (Opportunities) It also takes into account the external factors such as changes in Government policy that impacts on funding. (Threats) (for example the direct payments and the choice offered to the user to optimise their financial resources and choose the best care agency to meet their specific needs.)

Since the last assessor visit Embec Care has opened next door up to Embec Day Opportunities offering support to adults who may have arrange of care needs including; older people, people with physical disability, people with sensory loss including dual sensory impairment, mental health and learning disability.

A Business Plan has also been developed for Embec Day Opportunities using the same format as Embec Care. Both have nine underpinning Strategic Objectives to achieve in order to realise their Mission and Vision and the Plan sets out the core aims and key objectives for the future.

Effective Communication:

Communication is excellent given the nature of the job roles that people have.The majority of staff work out in the community at the homes of service users, working a variety of shift patterns and it is therefore difficult to get staff together for a full staff meeting. Supervision however takes place frequently with a 1-1 in the office or an observation visit at the home of the client. Although a fairly normal meeting records are kept checking that training and development is up to date, absence rate, and if the number of hours allocated is acceptable. Staff are always willing to cover colleagues at time of holiday and sickness but those who are restricted due to their personal commitments are respected to do so.

It is immediately apparent upon entering Embec Care that there is a very friendly open and transparent atmosphere.

There is a weekly office meeting every Monday morning but constant handover of information about the service users, of an issues or concerns to 'keep on top of things' and then cascaded to staff accordingly. "We email, text and phone staff all of the time and pop a note on their rota if need be". "Each service user has a Care Plan so we know what's what and we will carry the front page should we ever need for emergency contact".

External communication is also exemplary with a Newsletter to service users to keep them (and staff) informed of events but also the comprehensive web site that carries a plethora of information and updated almost daily.

Effective learning and development opportunities for staff (The Training and Development Strategy) and Evaluation.

There is a lead person appointed to oversee training and development. The skills matrix is maintained on an ongoing basis and includes every training activity that takes palce so serves also as a log for training.

Without exception all those asked could articulate the objective of their training, the benefit to them as an individual plus the organisaion and how it linked to Embec's values and principles of care.

Training, learning and development starts at the comprehensive induction programme when staff work through a structured programme of training during their probationary period. "All of our staff undergo a rigorous recruitment process and are trained to deliver the highest level of care possible.'

Effective Leadership and Management (Empowerment and Delegation)

The owner of the business take overall responsibility of the strategic direction and financial side of the business such as attending meetings on plans for future, budget management and procuring new business for the health and growth of the organisation. The Registered Manager who holds the NVQ Level 4 Registered Managers qualification has the day to day responsibility of running of the business. Another lead person has responsibility for overseeing all activity such as recruitment and training with a Supervisor overseeing the Day Opportunities.

Much coaching and mentoring takes place between Management and the sharing of good practice at managers' meetings.

Recognition and Reward - (Feeling Valued and Motivated)

One of the objectives with the Business Plan;
To be a good employer. To strive to maximise the motivation, contribution and fulfillment of staff to the achievement of the organisation's aims and objectives.

It is immediately apparent upon visiting Embec that it has a very caring ethos and a culture of wanting to do the beset for those in need of care.
Staff do feel valued and this is down to a number of things:
Without exception everyone said that praise was given when praise was due.
"One senior was off sick and we all had a big thank you for people who covered the calls"
"Spot checks are done and we get feedback, if the Service User says anything complimentary then it will be passed on to us".
"Sometimes she writes a note on the rota saying thanks or well done".
"They never send us in blind to a new Service User and a senior will do an introductory handover"
"The level of training here is second to none, i just love working here"
"I feel trusted and respected"
"To have the opportunity for promotion makes me feel valued"
"We are all like a big family, we work around one another, I could not ask for a better employer"

Evaluation (Performance Measurement) and Continuous Improvement

Management firmly believe that the high quality level of training and development given to their staff impacts on the high quality of service delivery. "Quality will not be sacrificed at any cost". Learning and development can only be seen to be cost effective and to be having a positive impact on performance if it can be effectively evaluated.

Activities That Currently Exceed the Standard

The management should be please to be aware that Embec Care Ltd has some practice in place and working beyond The Standard. Some naturally occurring evidence suggested you may well have achieved Bronze.

'Learning and development strategy to build capability'
'Learning and development is innovative and flexible'
'Coaching and mentoring is part of the culture'
'Constructive feedback is valued'
'Knowledge and information are shared'

Expression Of Thanks/Congratulations

I would like to thank all of you at Embec Care Ltd for the hospitality shown to me during the site visit I was made to feel most welcome, and for the co-operation, openness and honesty of all those involved in the interviews, which made it such an enjoyable and positive process. Everyone was extremely positive and immensely passionate about the work they did.
Congratulations to you all on achieving a successful outcome to the review and best wishes for the future.

Pauline Price
Investors in People Specialist
6th March 2014