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We are now on the Dementia Action Alliance. Click here to see our page

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

Embec Care Ltd has two primary services; Domiciliary and Day-care. The Domiciliary service has been established for over 8 years and is a member of various organisations including UKHCA, West Midlands Care Association and also has the Investors in People Award. Within the last year we have won or been finalists in several awards including British Care Awards; Putting People First, Dementia Carer Award and New Manager Award. We also have the Star Employer Award for Small Business. We strive for excellence.

We are a small independent company that is constantly striving to deliver high quality care which exceeds expectations to both the user and the carer. In today’s changing economic environment the cost of care can be seen as an added burden to the household economy. As a small privately owned company we acknowledge that we are not a match for the larger organisations in the way of resources and cost. We can however offer a personalised and flexible service with regular named care staff.

As a domiciliary care company we have become synonymous locally as a provider of care and over recent years a provider of quality dementia care and source of support for carers. We are active within the community and raise funds for local groups who would otherwise be struggling to support individuals with a diagnosis of dementia

We assess the individuals and constantly review users of the services and the carer needs and adapt care and support as necessary to optimise individual benefit’s  to our services . As the presentation of dementia is always changing staff are encourage to attend training and as part of doing this a large number of our staff team are not only Dementia Friends but also Dementia Champions as well.

Locally with changing criterion set out by Local Authority individuals are not always sure where to go for guidance, support and a listening ear which is why we have now set up a carers group and encourage our users carers within our day care facility in particular to talk about worries and concerns and anxieties. Embec Care will then offer practical and emotional support or sign post to other agencies.

Our service office links and signposting within the local community to other agencies as well as providing practical support such as personal care, socialisation within the community setting and respite care for carers, to enhance or maintain quality of life in the community setting.

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

As a small provider of care services our biggest obstacle is the cost of care delivery. With the commissioning services been cut back and the unit cost of quality care delivery increasing, the cost past onto service users can be seen as high.

Care costs are constantly increasing and this is reflected in:

  • Recruitment and training of staffing in a specialist field
  • Salary – ensuring the meeting of the minimal wage
  • Service development - optimising staff skills and service delivery
  • Resources/equipment - books, PPE
  • on-going business cost such as rent and rates
  • the introduction of the compulsory pension scheme and additional cost to small business
  • Registration to CQC and other essential organisations

Staff recruitment into care is more difficult as the incentives are becoming less.