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"My mother Barbara attended her first full day care visit to Embec yesterday
I have not seen her so happy and animated for a long time
Your staff and service is fantastic.

Kind Regards
M. Callinan"
13th March 2017

I want to thank you all for all the help, care and kindness shown to Sally over the last 2 years or so.

Each and everyone of you are so caring in all you do.

At present there is very little chance that Sally will be able to return to Embec, as Sally has been in hospital since the 1st  April with a collapsed lung and i think it will be a long time before she fully recovers.

I would like to think that at some point in the future Sally will be able to return to Embec and all your loving care.

Thank you all


Dear Girls at Embec,

Thank you for the many weeks of caring and kindness you have shown to John.

He is now at a very caring nursing home and my hope is that he will be settled and happy with the love of his family and friends.

Once again thank you & may god bless you.

2015    ________________________________________________________________________________

Dear Girls,

How kind of you to send the photographs of John thank you so much.

He has settled quite well at the Nursing Home, we make sure someone goes each day, his rooms is spacious, lovely garden and lounges, best we could find !

Once again many thanks

Yours in friendship

Alzheimer's not the end of fun

Given the much-needed publicity recently on Alzheimers/dementia I would like to tell you about a fantastic day centre that my mother attends in Four Oaks. We first found out mom had Alzheimer's in 2009. It has always been our aim to keep her at home and stimulated as much as possible.

Something that I appreciate isn't always possible. Trips out, shopping, visits to the garden etc. What I searched for and struggled to find was a place mom could meet other people, be involved in activities and most of all be safe and secure (she would wander).

One place when I rang to ask what activities they offered with their day care told me they didn't as people tended to walk away, but they could run her a bath for me!

When I found Embec Care Day Centre it was everything I was looking for. It's a centre that runs every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and it's great. Its bright, social, with pictures on the wall, music playing and offers mom the stimulation so needed with a chance to meet new people and join in the many activities on offer.

Alzheimer's does everything they say it will but that doesn't mean a person can't make and enjoy the most of their time.

- J Clifford, 2014

Published in the Royal Sutton Coldfield Observer, Friday 20th June

Secret of Success

I Would like to endorse the sentiments of J Clifford ('Alzheimer's not the of fun' June 20). Like her mother, my wife has been attending Embec Care Care, off Clarence Road, for several months and it is obvious when I collect her that these visits are the social high spots of her week.

From the animated 'bye byes' and 'see you Thursday' it's clear that other users feel the same way. The 'secret', as J Clifford's letter explains, is that they are positively engaged.

J. Clifford mentions many activities but there are plenty more. My wife brings home little cakes biscuits she has enjoyed the small garden - a surfaced yard with plants in the tubs or troughs raised to waist level enabling the users to help with the gardening.

-Alastair Cochran, 2014

Published in response in the Royal Sutton Coldfield Observer, Friday 11th July

When someone you love has advanced Alzheimers it is very difficult to find the care and stimulation you know that they deserve but which you are not able to give them yourself. Some time ago we read a letter in The Sutton Coldfield Observer from one of your other readers about Embec - a day care centre for the elderly in Clarence Road, Four Oaks. We identified with their experience of a relative who had also searched and previously failed to find somewhere which provided this type of support. 

At Embec they said that they had finally found a place which met their needs. Based on their experience and recommendation my dad started to attend Embec on a weekly basis and for a while attended three times a week. Since going there he has been welcomed with such openness and warmth that it has become an integral and enjoyable part of his life. The staff have time and respect for him a an individual.They provide activities which are stimulating but not condescending and are carried out with a sense of fun. The staff are sensitive and have an upbeat attitude and sense of humour which lightens but does not diminish his condition. 

Although he has now gone into full time residential care - he still attends Embec every week because he would miss the sense of community, support and friendship for that they have developed there. We are grateful to you and your reader for pointing us in their direction.