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Visitors to Feathers
 The Donkey Sanctuary

Here at Feathers, we sponsor the Donkey Sanctuary based in Sutton Park. We all thoroughly enjoy all visits from Moses the Donkey. An adorable little donkey who brings a bit more fun to Feathers. All our members love interacting with the donkeys when they come to visit us or when we go and visit them.
 Andrew Mitchell, Sutton Coldfield MP

When we first opened the centre in 2015, the Sutton MP, Andrew Mitchell came to visit us to 
see all the hard work we do in and around the community, with local people. When he was in the centre he had several conversations with some of our members and had a great time about what they enjoy doing when visiting us.

 He has mentioned us on his website about his visit, here is what he had to say:

"Andrew Mitchell and Councillor Meirion Jenkins recently visited Embec Care Limited, an organisation that promotes wellbeing and independence through its support for people suffering from Dementia related conditions. It also provides Domiciliary and Day Respite for carers in need of support. 

Embec Care works closely with another organisation, Challenge, which provides young volunteers to help at the site and participate in fundraising activities. 

Mr Mitchell and Councillor Jenkins heard how Embec Care has transformed the lives of many local people and had the opportunity of meeting a number of constituents working with Embec Care. 

Andrew Mitchell MP said “Embec Care provides an important service to the local community. I am impressed by the dedication of the staff and volunteers who contribute so much to ensuring that Embec Care reaches as many people as possible. Small community projects, such as this, are key to promoting a strong community spirit”.

Director of Embec Care, Dawn Jackson, said “we are extremely happy to be recognised for our contribution to the local community in relation to care and carer support, and believe this is a positive step towards providing a point of contact within the local community and will enhance local working relationships.”"